The Training

Evolved over thirty-five years of advanced/teacher trainings, this course integrates physiological, psychological, creative and spiritual practices to empower those who are incentivized to address human suffering, open hearts, and ignite souls.

Our Vision

A Path with Heart

This is the life that calls for healing. In a world where trauma is all-pervasive, it is time to create a conscious community that aids and supports the healing process of those in need. This is a year-long Training but is our hope that you will consider it the opportunity of a lifetime for a lifetime. The material is timeless. There are always deeper levels to explore and finer points to master. We are in community as conscious catalysts on a Path with Heart.


Who Can Benefit from the Training

Lead Trainer

Transformational Teacher, Ravi Singh has 45 yrs. experience, primarily in New York City and Los Angeles. He is Co-Founder of Yoga Unify, a new paradigm for yoga. He is Author (with Life Partner Ana Brett) of The Kundalini Yoga Book – Life in the Vast Lane. He has presented seminars for professors and staff of the psychology department at Yale, the acting department at NYU, Executives of Fortune 500 companies, and people from all walks of life. His approach is powerful, inspiring, scientific, and soulful. Ravi’s classes have been called life-changing and life-saving. In a down-to-earth way, Ravi inspires students to access their inner vitality to shine, prosper, and excel in every area of life and being.

For Aspiring Teachers and Practitioners Who Want More

The Compassionate Kundalini Mentorship Program provides you with the personal guidance and support you need to refine your skills and achieve your personal goals, which may include becoming a Teacher or deepening your Path and Practice. The program supports your growth in an authentic way that is unique to your individual way of learning. This program is in alignment with the core traditions of yoga and the “knee of listening,” concept, in which sacred methodologies and wisdom were transmitted from Teacher to student for millennia. You will be encouraged to gently expand beyond your comfort zone. Ravi Singh will personally lead this program and will guide you through the process of cultivating your unique voice and purpose.

This mentorship is divided into twelve Modules which are important facets of the Kundalini Yoga spectrum. Each Module includes video content, a 50+ page manual, personal sadhana assignments, and Zoom meetings with Ravi Singh. As part of your Mentorship Program, you are also eligible to attend Ravi Singh’s weekly online classes and monthly workshops at no additional charge.


This Training aligns with the Evolving Kundalini org’s. Qualification process. Evolving Kundalini Founded by Ravi Singh, is dedicated to honoring the traditions and upleveling and expanding the way that Kundalini Yoga is practiced, taught, and interpreted. By elevating the practice and profession of yoga and creating a culture informed by ethics, excellence, and mutual support we will leave a legacy of healing and grace and contribute to a more peaceful and sustainable world. Upon completion of this Training, you can apply to Evolving Kundalini for a designation and seal.

July 15-16

Kundalini & The Goddess of Wisdom

Aug. 12-13

Lineage & Legacy

Sept. 9-10

The Breath Inside the Breath

October 7-8

Body Wisdom

November 4-5

Cycles & Seasons

Dec 2-3

Psyche & Soul

Jan 6-7

Heal You & Heal the World

Feb 3-4

The Mind & Its Intrigues

March 2-3

 Prosperity & Empowerment

April 6-7

Post Traumatic Growth

May 4-5

The Categories of Consciousness

June 1-2

Sacred Signal


This year-long course consists of 12 Modules which include live meetings on Zoom

Module 1 • Kundalini & The Goddess of Wisdom
Kundalini is life itself; aspiring and evolving. When Kundalini is alive in us, our gaze, prayer, and touch can engender healing and kindle souls. Goddess Kundalini is the source of all wisdom, creativity, and blessings.

Module 2 • Lineage and Legacy
We’ll never know where we’re going unless we know where we’ve been. In this module, we’ll explore the historic antecedents of this sacred science and the parameters of its future arc.

Module 3The Breath Inside the Breath
Conscious breathing is the new panacea. In this module, we’ll explore the use of conscious breathing protocols to heal mind, body, and being.

Module 4Body Wisdom
Wherever we put our mat down there we are, ready to take a stand against self-perceived and learned limitations. Life as we know it is an embodied experience. In this module, we’ll explore how to be in our bodies gracefully, sustainably and powerfully.

Module 5Cycles & Seasons
Everything that exists is subject to predictive rhythms, cycles, and the dance of energy states. When we align our rhythms with universal rhythms healing happens and life flows.

Module 6 • Psyche & Soul
There are important elements that have previously been missing in the practice and presentation of Kundalini Yoga. Each of us is on a hero’s journey. In this module, we’ll explore authentic shadow work and soul journeying to learn to be true to ourselves and help others find their uniqueness.

Module 7Heal You & Heal the World
As Teachers/Healers it’s imperative that we be proof of concept for the radiance, vibrancy, and hardiness that we’re espousing. In this module, we’ll explore the five healing keys and the bonus key for healthy, happy humans. We’ll also learn powerful protocols for a wide range of conditions.

Module 8 • The Mind & Its Intrigues
The great Sage Patanjali wrote that the indispensable condition for success in yoga and life is to be able to monitor and mediate the fluctuations of mind. In this module, we’ll learn how to teach meditation to the meditation-resistant and how to go more deeply into your own meditative journey.

Module 9 • Prosperity & Empowerment
Prosperity is a universal constant. How can we create sustainable lives for ourselves so that we can be even more effective as service providers? As we solve this riddle we can inspire others to be prosperous and honor their soul.

Module 10 • Post Traumatic Growth
Trauma is timely! In the spirit of service and with a sense of profound urgency, it’s incumbent on us to provide tools that people need to navigate this new world we find ourselves in. In this module, we’ll employ inner alchemy to help us and our clients turn past pain into infinite gain.

Module 11 • The Categories of Consciousness
The ancient yogis constructed all-inclusive maps to describe our totality. In this module, we’ll take a deeper dive into the chakras and explore other models that describe us multi-dimensionally.

Module 12 • Sacred Signal
As Kundalini Teachers/Healers we are living antennas for grace waves. To stem the tide of human suffering we embrace what works: Rhythm, resonance, and the beautiful breath. In this module, we tune into the symphonic whispers of the ancient ones and draw upon that deep wisdom to inform our path and purpose to let ourselves be guided in Love.

The Hours Each Weekend

Saturday & Sunday 11:30 am – 3 pm
There will be additional meeting times when you will meet in small groups to process and review. Each Module will also feature video content for you to review. You will also receive a PDF manual each month.

Additional Elective Hours

  • Three times per month you will meet online with a “cohort” (small group) of your fellow Trainees.
  • As a participant in the Training you may attend Ravi’s weekly Zoom classes (Wed., Fri., Sun. 12:30 EST) and his monthly workshop free of charge. 
  • Each month there will be new video content to review.

Book the Training

The cost for the training if paid in full is $2900. There are also additional payment options. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have additional questions. 

Common Questions

We are offering a discount to those who’ve previously taken both a 200 and 300 hr. Training with Ravi Singh (not a 300 hr. Training only in which the 200/300 were presented concurrently). The Alumini Membershp allows you to take the weekend modules. The Alumni Plus Membership also includes Ravi’s weekly classes and his special monthly workshop.

This Training is presented under the aegis of Evolving Kundalini (EK). An EK designation indicates that you are a qualified yoga professional. We foresee the day when Yoga Teacher is considered the same level of professional as a physical therapist or psychotherapist.

For successful completion of the Training we ask that you are present in real for at least nine of the12 weekend modules (and to review the videos for the weekends you miss) as well as the small group review and processing sessions.

In addition to your attendance requirements, we ask that you complete your homework assignments. These include assigned meditations and certain written assignments.

If you need to miss one of the weekends we ask that you fully participate with the video of the weekend as soon as possible rather than selectively viewing it. This course is designed in progressive steps and it’s important that you familiiarize yourself with everything offered

Please note that there are modifications given for most exercises so that you can always participate. That said, how each of us participates in an exercise is a personal matter. It’s informed by the constant dialectic between body and soul with our mind waiting for clear orders from whichever one, in a given instance is pre-eminent. That said, it’s imperative that we know our limits and the difference between discomfort and pain. You don’t need to turn your screen off if you can’t sustain for the time allotted. “Keeping up,” is never an end in itself. It is an ideal that must be arrived at sustainably. My hope for the Training is that everyone present be a support system for each other and that the Training becomes a refuge and joyous endeavor.