The Compassionate Kundalini Training is for those who feel called to deepen their path and process and be transformation agents in this time of greatest need.

What is Compassionate Kundalini?

More Than Just Another Style of Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is the capstone of all yoga systems and a gift from the Universe to ease human suffering. It is a creative technology and ecstatic methodology. Its pedigree is the lineage of the highest caliber humans whose lives reflect amazing attainment and sacrifices to be conscious conduits for the Infinite Teacher, the source of these Teachings.


Kundalini is life itself, “the force that through the green fuse drives the flower,” and the basis for all healing, creative genius, and personal transformation. Our style of Kundalini Yoga features practical applications of powerful (and eminently doable) practices that engender sustainable healing and transformation.

Our Intention

To “crack the code,” of the causes and cures for human suffering. As transformation agents in this time of greatest need, we want to be in a position to offer the most potent protocols to our students and clients regardless of their fitness level or circumstances.

Contact Us

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