Compassionate Kundalini Teacher Training with Transformative Teacher
Ravi Singh

Evolved over 35 yrs. of Teacher Trainings, this course is dedicated to the formation of autonomous beings who are motivated to use their gifts to heal, uplift, and inspire.

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About Us

Kundalini is Life Itself

The Compassionate Kundalini staff is committed to being the embodiment of the sacred science of Kundalini Yoga. May we all deliver ourselves to expanded radiance and be beacons for the world as we navigate personally and collectively to a higher order of being.

Compassionate Kundalini Teacher Training with Transformative Teacher
Ravi Singh

Power your practice. Let your practice empower you! Deepen your path and process. Be a healing field and conscious catalyst to address the great wave of trauma that has befallen the world.


Manifest a Destiny!

Our soul purpose entails finding our role in the Divine drama. There is no greater calling than to use your gifts and graces to heal, uplift, and inspire. This year long immersion includes a zoom gathering one weekend a month (3.5 hrs. per day), video content, a manual for each of the 12 modules, as well as online engagement with your fellow trainees.


Carl Jung said that Yoga is the greatest thing ever devised by the human mind. Kundalini Yoga is a creative technology and ecstatic methodology to help us live lit up and maintain perfect presence, dynamic in equipoise, passionate and compassionate.

Our Intention

To “crack the code,” of the causes and cures for human suffering. As transformation agents in this time of greatest need, we want to be in a position to offer the most potent protocols to our students and clients regardless of their fitness level or circumstances.


The Power of Words